Eating Disorders

Popular magazines are replete with articles about diets.  We are bombarded by the media with waif-like
models. How are we to know what size is the right size for our bodies?

Researchers believe that people who struggle with eating disorders possess certain biological factors
that make them quite sensitive to environmental stimuli.  In this instance the stimuli are the images and
perceived perfection of the human body. While others aren't affected, people with eating disorders
develop self-destructive eating behaviors to try to achieve so-called perfect bodies.

Men and women alike will try to look like these people using any method possible including restricting
food intake, excessive exercising, self-induced vomiting, using laxatives, and anything else you might
have tried or can think of.

It is quite common to have an unhealthy relationship with food or your
body.  When does it cross the line
of being 'unhealthy' to being dangerous?  An eating disorder can end lives in it's most advanced stage.  
One of the driving forces of working with people with eating disorders is to save lives.

Given that I am a psychotherapist with a Masters Degree in Nutrition I am well equipped to treat your
eating disorder be it anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder.  

Please contact me--even if you're not sure you need help. I can provide guidance with compassion
towards your wellness and recovery goals.
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