The Mind and Spirit

  • Change is possible.

  • Surround yourself with a support system; avoid situations/people that deflate your self-
    confidence and optimism.

  • Treat your self care as you would a business or personal obligation; put it in your calendar
    and respect the time.

  • Choose a lifestyle that is realistic for you.  You want new habits to last a lifetime.

  • Success breeds success.  Small changes yield more small changes. Celebrate these

  • Reward yourself when you achieve goals.  A massage, a new piece of jewelry, a walk with a
    friend, a movie in the afternoon.  The sky's the limit.

  • While it may seem overwhelming and challenging when you start making healthy lifestyle
    changes, they soon become second nature.

  • It is a privilege to have an able body. Treat it with respect and the rewards will be
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